The 3 Weird Reasons Why We Really Love Weddings

You’re about to Learn How to Use the Natural Obsessions of Society for a Win-Win Celebration of Your Relationship

Jealousy, Craving Attention, and Voyeurism are all part of the human experience.

We need not be ashamed of or run from these tendencies.

They are forces which cannot be squelched.

How we harness the energy is up to us.

I know a way you can immediately take advantage of these in a manner your family, friends, and wedding guests will thank you for later.

Before outright sharing that with you, let’s dive into what is meant by the 3 aforementioned hinted reasons.

Reason #1: We’re All Jealous

Let’s face it – when we see others with the spotlight on them, everyone fawning…we can’t help but wonder, “What can I do to make this happen in my life?”

  • We want a photo memory book of being in a scenic venue
  • We salivate over unnecessary gifts that will be given even by random guests
  • We’re proud of our partners and want to flaunt to all the single people what they “don’t have”
  • We enjoy wondering how long all the “good vibes” are going to last

And, I don’t speak of the word jealousy in any disparaging way. In all honesty, I think it is a useful motivating emotion…for instance, many decide to start dating or intensify relationships after seeing the celebrations of others.

Reason #2: We’re All Attention Fanatics

Some Instagram Stars are more blatant about their need for societal affection, but perhaps they’re just the most honest about it. You might think that

Reason #3: We’re All Voyeurs

It’s simple – we all like thinking about what happens during the honeymoon. Okay, could be a little more complex than that, lol.

We also love wondering…

  • “Why did (that person) choose that person?” (The curiosity gets the best of us)
  • “Are they really in love?
  • “Is this all for show or for real?”
  • “Did one partner just want the stability of a good place to live?”
  • “Are they together just for the warm body at night, but not romantic?”

So, we love weddings because of jealousy, the spotlight, and we just can’t help prying into other people’s business!

It’s our fascination with celebrity culture, but relatable enough to gossip about.

If you’re going to take the plunge to care about society’s approval… or you really what the world knowing about your relationship status…then you might as well make it epic!


If you’re going to create a day that people spend tons of money and/or inconvenience their lives for, don’t you owe it to them as a courtesy to do something for them which they can cherish?

I believe the best way to do this is through…

A Custom Song

Music – the ultimate listening experience that never gets old.

Meaningful lyrics.

Mesmerizing melody.

A beginning, middle, and end that inspires pressing the “play” button again and again.

I wish I came up with the idea of making custom songs for in love couples.

To give credit where credit is due, I first learned about it from Tiamo De Vettori.

He’s a songwriter and guitarist who found fulfillment in creating tailor made songs for companies, weddings, and anniversaries.

As a fellow songwriter and pianist, I loved the concept.

Here’s the SAD Truth:

The world is full of songwriters, sound engineers, musicians, and producers all who possess immense potential to create works of musical art on behalf of others.

How come so many engaged couples never even think about taking advantage of such talent?

Well, it just isn’t something that wedding planners have caught onto yet.

Also, Tiamo is one of the only ones teaching music professionals about it because he is one of the few I can count (on one hand) who instructs real music business strategies.

(All the other music advisers are trying to inspire music professionals to make most of their money from Spotify Streams and Merchandise.)

Its a sad stage of affair.

However, I see the vast blue ocean available right now to music artists and couples who are truly in love to forge an everlasting mujical friendship with each other.

Before I continue…

I want you to think about your favorite musician, singer, or band.

Are they local?

Do you know them?

(If you don’t know them, don’t worry…because I am going to tell you exactly how you can get ahold of them.)

What would it mean to you if your favorite performer recorded and/or wrote the story of your relationship in song?

I hope the fantasy of these thoughts start filling your dreams every night and your day dreams every day.

Because what is about to be revealed to you might be the best thing which ever happened in your entire life:

A Way to Celebrate Your Relationship that is More Significant than a Wedding at a Venue

Are you starting to sense something majical?

Now you can understand why I took all this time to write so much content in a pre-planned sequence…

In either case, whether you will be contacting a global/local celebrity or an unknown act, there are some exact things you need to be aware of, to ensure the finality of your custom song gets manufactured with utmost quality.

Here’s what you MUST know so that you don’t accidentally

I attended a Wedding Wire event in Portland, Oregon and learned some vital statistics:

  • The average wedding costs $30,000
  • People end up spending 3x more than they intend

This is REALITY:

If your “budget” is $1,000 you are going to spend $3,000.

If your “budget” is $3,000 you are going to spend $9,000.

If your budget is $5,000 you are going to spend $15,000.

Are you skeptical?

These are hardcore tried and tested facts.

Guess what?

No one believes they will go over budget!

Let’s look at the probabilities…

If it is true than you ARE going to come up with all that extra money, then isn’t it wise to plan in advance that you invest at least 1/3 of it on something that will last?

No offense to fellow wedding service providers like Videographers and Photographers, but those 2 services only preserve one thing:

What happens before, during, and immediately after your ceremony.

They do NOT preserve the story of your relationship.

On the other-hand…

A Custom Song DOES preserve your relationship story.

What is the likelihood that you might look at your wedding photos everyday of your life?

Well, I know there’s that “one” reader…lol.

For real though…you’d be the only one doing that!

Or, let’s say you write down a short story or poem.


But family, friends, guests and yourselves are going to constantly read that?

In contrast…

What is the likelihood that everyone will continually listen to a song over and over again?

It has to be produced amazing, right?

Indeed it does.

Okay, I made you a promise:

Tell you how to reach ANY celebrity. The way you do that is by going to a site called, “Contact Any Celebrity”.

It’s that simple!


Well, not exactly.

There’s a way to contact anyone (especially those with high status) that sends the message to them you’re high status, not needy; respectful of their time and attention.

You’re not reading this for a business lesson, but here are 2 hints:

  1. Clear Email Headline
  2. Concise to the point messaging
  3. Contain all content to 5 sentences or less


If you know that attempting to inspire a celebrity musician, singer, or band to make a custom song for you isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps you’re thinking more local?

In that case, The Wedding Wire and The Knot are going to be 2 great resources:

Wedding Wire Ceremony Musicians

The Knot Ceremony Musicians

None of these solo or group acts have likely ever done custom songs before!

If you know for sure you love their music you are going to pleasantly surprise them; however, most music professionals don’t have a strong business sense or know how to sell (without being awkward).

That’s why I am going to help you help them…by showing every typical aspect that goes into a full high quality music production.

Everything I’m about to mention has a SEPARATE cost (keep in mind that each person might do two or more of each service type and that won’t change the base fees unless they offer all together in a package).

[The following breakdown are price points we’ve consistently observed from those who offer above average quality work —> ranging upwards of 3 to 5 times more depending on the fame or notoriety of the person.]

Recording: $100 Per hr (Per Instrument – this is the recording studio NOT those recording their voice or instrument)

Session Musician/Singer: $300 Per Person

Mix Engineering: $500 (M.E. ensures the song sounds great on all speaker types, that tracks are properly balanced in every part of the song so the instrument/vocal needing emphasized properly shines, and also carefully configured effects like reverb)

Songwriting: $500 (Sometimes this means writing lyrics, lyrics and melody, or lyrics, chords, and melody)

Producer: $1,000

Go and do a random Google, Bing, or Duck Duck Go search for “custom songs”.

Yes, you’ll find some “cheap” services, but the contrast in the quality you hear from their demos is going to be vastly different than the resource I’m about to show you.

Its called…

Sound Better

What I LOVE about this site 100x more than going through the other resources mentioned is the pre-vetting of top talent!

I mean, some who have been Grammy Nominated and others who have songs constantly appearing in Film and TV shows.

And…to make it even more “better” (no pun intended) they have a “Start a Project” button to help assemble a team for your Custom Song —> you just have to tell them that’s the purpose.

A ce