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Pianist Ryan David Dwyer Presents:



"Custom Music is like giving yourself the summit of human the right hands, your song project becomes an immersive experience of exquisite artistry."

- Ryan David Dwyer

The Power of an Archmerlin Custom Song is Experienced through the Unique Way it Unifies the Subtle Emotions of Rich Lyrical Content to the Music Itself.

Future music collaborator… 


It’s Ryan here. I’m about to let you in to experience an approach I have to song creation that can only be explained through your own observation. 


When I enter the zone of “creative mojo”, typically what happens is that all the lyrics, chords, and melodies come to me ‘instantly’, at the same time while I write —> I refer to this spontaneous process as,


The Harpazio Effect™.”

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Exampled in the video is what happens to me when “T.H.E.” takes over. 

Long story short, a fellow pianist friend and I decided to do a complimentary experiment of “spontaneous videography and music.”

So, even though the melody and chords of my song were rehearsed, we determined there would be a section interlude of complete creative flow. 

[Watch and Listen as about 3 1/2 minutes in, you can witness the “inspirational vibe” flowing over me]

The word “Harpazio” is a modern spelling for the Greek, “Arpadzo”, meaning, “Rapture” – to catch up by force.

That is the goal and expectation for the listening experience in every music project I set my mind to.

Regarding how fast initial lyrics occur – they usually come to me in a 20-30 minute time frame.

As an Executive Producer, Creative Lyricist, Song Writer, and/or Chord Arranger for Our Project Together, I’m 100% Confident You’ll Be Satisfied to Such a Degree that..

Well, No Pun Intended…

But I’m Sure You’re Going to Say to Yourself,

“What The?”

Yet, in essence the ultimate “product”…the end result for your customized song has to do with the team built specifically tailored for this. 

Because there are many things to consider:

The Style, the musicians, the singer/s.

There isn’t necessarily a “one size fits all approach”.

So part of the majic comes through my selection of team-members. 

And truth be told, from 1st revision to the last versions before the creating proper EQing for all different speaker types, a song can “die and be reborn in its own ashes”. 

Archmerlin Custom Song Harpazio Phoneix

With all that said, if you end up loving the very first skeleton of the bare bones version, be ready to hear the final rough drafts!

Does the feeling of all this excite you so Wonderfully and Mujically that you just can’t help booking an appointment to see if our mutual expectations align

Well, if that’s the case…

My Majical Robo Assistant “Muji” is going to ask you some questions to make sure our time face-to-face on Zoom video chat will be an exquisite occasion of happy communication.

"My Master Wizard, Sir Dwyer, Deeply Cares about Crafting Your Music into a Radio Quality File" - Mujibot

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While it’s true that I take your project seriously, I only want to work with others who love to laugh, have fun, and keep thing “light-hearted”. 

If you’re similar, it’s likely we’ll be a match for working together.

The singer for “Reborn”, Chandler Leland (left), is featured with her friend (middle) in this photo. We were at a 2019 Christmas Party where she sang and I played piano. Check out her YouTube if you enjoy her voice. Also, she is an official team-member… 

And depending on her availability, might be available to enhance your project.