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The fact that I offer services does not automatically guarantee you'll be accepted as my client. Also, there are going to be many instances that I'm not the ideal fit for your project. This may require me to refer you to someone else or decline you if I don't think you'll work well with me or someone I know.

By Booking an Appointment You Acknowledge the Above

In my teen years, I dabbled in guitar and played bass for about a year when 18. But piano is my main instrument since 8. There is a YouTube Playlist below of spontaneous improvisation from Facebook Live broadcasts. After viewing, there should be no doubt in your mind regarding the quality of spontaneous creativity flowing through me. (At that time I went by the moniker of “Harpazio” but have since evolved it for consistent branding continuity – theme of majic -across my music career and music business sites).

Mer Vision Crystal Ball


What I offer you is “Mer Vision”.



It’s like me gazing into a real crystal ball and exploring alternative angles from every direction.


In some cases it will mean I have a team-member directly involved to ensure the success of working together.



When you present your idea, you’ll be assured that my mind is already exploring how to enhance it.



Below you will see a short description of specific service types, the benefits and disadvantages of considering each one.

Custom Song


This is built from nothing and may require me to hire other team members. (Usually, only best for non-musicians or singer artists who don't play an instrument.)



This is my role to ensure your composition/song is radio ready. With this "hat" on I'll be the entire project director and may or may not even play any instruments. You will be responsible for budgeting beyond this to pay a mix engineer and any singers, musicians, or other songwriters that might be needed. We will discuss all this at the beginning in case you already have team-members in mind. In rare instances, I will take on the entire burden for songwriting, melody, chords, playing, mixing, etc. I'll be offering whatever value actually helps your vision come to pass. As producer, my task is to throw my ego away and ensure we have a very marketable product ready for the masses.

Song Arranger


I provide you the midi files for a piano track or other digital instrument with my special way of playing. Depending on the context, may include more than one track with idea presentations for different parts. And, also unique chords when relevant.

Production Team Member


Take advantage of my creativity and scrutunity. I have a "leave no stone unturned" approach. Have me examine every aspect of a song (at any phase of the project). The intro, outro, transitions, the mix, the production elements, melody, harmonies, and/or arrangement. Starts at $100 per song or bulk discount.


Are you convinced it is a good idea to hire me?

Regardless if we end up working together, booking an appointment is $99 – which counts as a down payment toward the service.


Because I value my time and effort to prepare for meetings and also only want meetings with those who prove they pay.

I believe this is fair.

However, you will be refunded the $99 if we discover we don’t have synergy.



Not ready for one of my services yet but still want to feel connected?


If that is the case, join my Fan Club. 


Enjoying advance access to preview original compositions and songs at every phase of their production.



Even though I offer a Free Trial, the actual price of monthly membership is “Pay-What-You-Want“.


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Merlinia Spiritual

Read Song Backstory “You are Spirit”

Later in life, when I abandoned all religious ties (both physically and mentally) these words became more advanced, thus confirming when one surrenders themselves to the Spiritual Identity, unlimited possibilities begin to manifest.

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Reborn Phoenix Bird

Read Song Backstory “Reborn”

This song dives deep into a personalized meaning of the legendary Phoenix Bird, who dies and rises again in its own ashes.
The lyrics acknowledge disappointment and defeat as one attempts to honestly pursue their True Will and rises again out of failure.

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