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The Backstory to My Song "Bathsheba"


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This composition/song video was an experiment in combining spontaneous playing with spontaneous videography. Jonathan Swanson, the producer recording the piano and video, just filmed with “gut instinct”. Even though I followed the structure of the composition, we had determined beforehand that I’d make abundant time for complete improvisation. As you can observe, there are very unique playing moments. Mr. Swanson later told me that I was doing “stride piano” style some of the time, a style that I was never taught nor ever attempted to learn. 

Musical Work Theme Context

Bathsheba is meant to extract the transcendent “feminine” concept. 


King David was infatuated with Bathsheba (the woman he saw bathing naked).


However, she had a husband.


David used his power to send the husband to the frontlines of battle and die.


This cunning act made her “available for the taking” in the eyes of the Hebrew society.


Nonetheless, David’s best friend Jonathan knew the moral crime and chastized him for the decision.


The fact is that when we hand over our emotions with full abandonment for someone we deem highly attractive, we will make irrational decisions.


That story is a cautionary tale to not be awestruck by what is most beautiful in this world.


At least, to not stare at the face of the full moon while walking, and fall of a cliff!


That has happened to me before (figuratively of course).



Musical Work Lyrics

| Bathsheba |

 © 2021 Words and Music by Ryan David Dwyer


Also called, “Come Before the Goddess” in its music only form.



Lyrics written (but forthcoming here after it produced).


Musical Work Inspiration

When I first officially cut ties (in fall of the year 2000) with my Christian network of “friends”, one of my first scholarship research agendas was to explore the history of “The Female Side of God”.


During this epic quest my research led me to uncover what the Hebrews originally taught and is revealed in “Qabalah” [Qoph-Beth-Lamed-Hei].


Essentially, QBLH means “a tradition” of wisdom and understanding.


As matter of fact, Hebrew Qabalists teach a Parentage of “God”, referred to as, “Chokmah” (Wisdom) and “Binah” (Understanding).


Chokmah is supposedly the Masculine Father Archetype; whereas Binah is the Feminine Motherly Archetype in the Godhead.


But although the Hebrews were quite shy to acknowledge “Ben” (The Son), it was the Gnostic Christians who referred to Sophia from the Greek word meaning, “Wisdom”. 


They referred to The Holy Spirit as Sophia.


As you can surmise, the Femininity of God or as Pagans love to call, “Goddess”, is viewed from many different perspectives.


It wasn’t until The Roman Government completely changed the original teachings of the Christine Apostles that The Goddess was almost hidden from humanity and lost to history.


In addition to replacing her with the Mother Mary adoration, they also launched an aggressive campaign to burn all books that told the truth.


The discovery of The Dead Sea Scrolls changed everything forever.



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Deeper  Contemplation


Bathsheba is a tapestry to capture the mystery of the female beyond scientific and social concepts such as gender and sex.


When I was near 14 years old, hearing a Southern Baptist Church Pastor comment on “The Shekinah Presence”, I never knew that Jewish Rabbis always taught it is a Female.


Many names for it are sometimes, “The Bride”/”The Holy Spirit”/”The Kingdom”.


It is odd that ministers will sometimes attempt to quote or refer to Jewish Scholarship, yet purposely ommit important information when it suits.


For instance, Southern Baptists insist the Trinity is 3 Masculine entities despite there being a mention of a “Son”.






But a normal practice among the dogmatic.


The stories about the Ark of the Covenant in the Most Holy Place of the Hebrew Temple, described “The Shekinah” residing.


A presence to revere since that only The High Priest could experience it, allegedly.


However, King David successfully brought the Ark of The Covenant to a battle and was never acknowledged to be a High Priest.


So, don’t give too much credit to superstitions.


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